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We realize there are a lot of questions to answer; please understand they are all in the best interest of you and the animal for which you are applying.  Please take the time to carefully read and complete all questions as best as possible as they are designed to assist with placing our animals in an environment that meets their personality and needs. Our wish is for the pet and the adoptive family alike to be content with the decision, thus resulting in a permanent placement.

Please note that we cannot consider you for an adoption until we receive a completed application.  We welcome your questions, but inquiring about an animal is not considered an application and a submitted application does not commit you to adopt, but is the first step toward completing the process.  Only approved applications will be considered in the decision making process so if you are even slightly interested in one of our animals, you should submit an application as they find homes quickly. You should receive notification that we have received your application.  If you are approved to adopt, you will be notified and typically invited to attend one of our adoption events. 

We do not hold dogs so you’ll want to arrive at the adoption event on time.  Approved applicants receive priority attention at the adoption events; however, if you apply the night before or day of an adoption event we will not have time to process your application.

Rules and Disclosures

As a potential adopter, please thoroughly read the following Rules and Disclosures. Please note that entering your name to this application signifies your acknowledgement and agreement to following Rules and Disclosures.

  • Generally, ARF requires all members of your family, including dogs, to be present at the time of adoption or meet the animal prior to finalizing the adoption.
  • ARF requires all adopted dogs and puppies to leave with an appropriate collar/harness and leash and all cats and kittens to leave in an appropriate carrier.
  • Any monies paid to ARF are considered a donation to provide care for this and other homeless pets and are NOT REFUNDABLE, but may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax adviser. ARF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
  • ARF makes every effort to assure that the animal you adopt is healthy. We do this by having each pet examined by a veterinarian prior to adoption. The exam typically includes the de-worming and vaccination of the animal against communicable diseases including: parvovirus, distemper and kennel cough for dogs and puppies and distemper for cats and kittens. All dogs over the age of six months are tested for heart worms and treated if necessary. All cats are tested for feline AIDS and feline leukemia. Occasionally, a pet may not show symptoms of an illness until after adoption, as many illnesses have an incubation period of 17-21 days. This is completely unavoidable and occurs not only in shelter/rescue type settings, but also with pet stores, breeders, and any environment where there are a number of animals present at any given time. We require that your new pet be re-examined by a vet within 7 days after the adoption. This is in the animal's best interest and the interest of any existing animals you may have. A voucher for a free exam with one of our participating veterinarians is enclosed in your adoption packet. If you choose to visit a non-participating veterinarian, you will be responsible for all medical expenses incurred.
  • ARF strives for the appropriate match of animals and adoptive families based on the known temperament of the animal, as well as, the evaluation of potential adopters and the living environment they will be able to offer the animal. If for any reason the adoption of the animal is unsuccessful, ARF requires that we are notified immediately and the animal is to be returned to ARF. In addition, ARF may claim the adopted animal at any time if it is determined that the adopters have not complied with the requirements of the adoption contract or mislead ARF at anytime during the adoption process.
  • ARF has the right to approve or deny the adoption application. This application is used as part of the adoption approval process in order to determine the best home for the animal. Under no circumstances will any animal be used in any type of animal fighting activity or as an attack dog, nor shall it be kept with the intention of promoting aggressiveness or for breeding.
  • The completion of this application does not guarantee the adoption. You understand that ARF will contact you if your application is approved. ARF may use our adoption contract to obtain your name and email address when you adopt one of our animals. We use your email address only for update mailings and occasional newsletters.
  • I certify that I am 18 years of age or older, and have read and understand the conditions of this adoption application.

Online Adoption Application

Please note that items marked with an asterisk are required. Use the TAB key to quickly move about the form.

Personal Data

*First Name: *Last Name:
State, Zip:*Email Address:
*Home Phone:Alternate Number:
Job Title:
Job Type:
If Other,
please explain:
Residential Information:
I/we currently live in a: Do you rent or own?If you Rent, please provide your
Landlord's Name and Phone:
Is your yard fully fenced?If yes, how high is the fence at its lowest point?If you must move to living quarters that do not allow pets, what will you do with your pet?
Number of People in Household:*
Adults: Full Names and Ages:

If you have children, what is their experience with pets? 

Do any family members have any allergies that be affected by a pet in the household?

If Yes, please describe:

Is everyone in the household in agreement that this pet would be a good choice?

Please provide two (2) Personal References, who are not related or living with you:

Non-Related Reference 1*:Non-Related Reference 2*:

Adoption Preferences:

Which pet are you interested in?
How long have you been looking?
What breed/mix are you looking for?
How did you hear about ARF?
Pets Lifestyle:
Do you currently own other pets?
If Yes, please list your current veterinarian's name & number*:
If No, please list the name & phone number of the veterinarian you plan to use or have used in the past:
If Yes, please list name, type, gender, age, neutered/spayed?:
If Yes, are your pets friendly with other pets?
If a medical emergency arises, can you afford the emergency veterinary care for your pet?
Have you ever surrendered a pet to an animal shelter and/or rescue organization, or lost a pet due to straying, or by death due to other than natural causes?

Where will the new pet be kept while you are at home?

Where will the new pet sleep at night?
Who will bathe or groom your pet on a regular basis?
Dog Training: (For Dog Adoptions only)
Do you own a crate or cage?
If so, what size is it?
Will the dog be crated-trained?
If not, how will you housebreak and/or prevent the dog from causing mischief and/or household damage, such as chewing, jumping on furniture, etc?
What is the maximum length of time this dog will be left alone at any one time?
What experience have you had training dogs?
How do you plan to exercise this dog?
How will you discipline your dog?
If the dog requires additional obedience training, are you willing to invest the time, money and effort required to provide that training?
Additional Comments:

By submitting this application, I certify the information provided is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and I give my permission for any of this information to be verified.  I give permission for my name, address and email information to be collected. We only use this information to communicate with you regarding our organization and do not share or sell your data. If any information in this application is deemed to be false after the time of adoption.  A.R.F. Animal Rescue Foundation has the right to reclaim the animal.  I understand A.R.F. Animal Rescue Foundation has the right to deny any application.

Please note that your application will be denied if animals in your household are:

  • Not current with vaccinations (distemper and bordatella for dogs and distemper for cats), including rabies vaccinations;
  • Not on a heartworm preventative and flea preventative; and
  • Not altered.

You must click the Submit button below to send your application. Clicking submit does not mean your application has been approved - you will be contacted with next steps. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

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